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● Medical Billing

Medical practices often have substantial amounts of income caught up in unpaid claims and insurance companies may have paid less than is due.

Metabillers works to solve these issues efficiently and effectively. We manage all billing, administration, and collection services, and deploy systems that improve a practice’s cash flow and profitability.

We are familiar with most commercial software platforms for billing. We can use any software platform or can streamline all aspects of the billing, collections, and reporting process through our own proprietary ZoomMD revenue cycle platform.


● Surgical Medical Billing

Reimbursement for procedures and surgeries are the lifeblood of a surgical or procedure-oriented practice.

Metabillers understands that this is vital for a surgical practice. Our team of expert surgical billers and software systems know how to code for surgical procedures.

We optimize claims, track, and follow-up on each procedure and surgery to maximize payment. We offer certified surgical coders, our own proprietary software that scrubs claims and submits claims electronically.

We manage all denials. We perform appeals and resubmissions. We automate payment posting for efficiency. We make it easy for patients to pay their balances or to negotiate a payment plan.

cardiology billing

● Cardiology Billing

Due to the complexities of cardiology medical procedures, it is vital to have a complete understanding of the field to produce accurate and meaningful bills.

Metabillers coders are well-versed in all types of cardiology procedures from interventional and nuclear cardiology to surgical and transplant, we have the medical and coding experience necessary to manage all cardiology billing and modifiers.

Our company has a specific focus and expertise in cardiology office procedures, office-based laboratory (OBL) procedures, and hospital-based procedures.

We have coders, billers, and accounts-receivable specialists who specialize in cardiology billing. They understand all the nuances and complexities of cardiology billing and know how to get you paid.

surgical billing

● Hospitalist Physician Billing

Metabillers offers comprehensive hospitalist billing, coding, and revenue cycle management services.

Our team has experience in managing the intricacies of hospitalist codes. We can manage your work across facilities. We can integrate with hospital EHRs.

We have an established history of collecting maximal reimbursement for hospitalist services from payers, Metabillers provides eligibility verification, coding, charge entry, accounts-receivable and patient payment services for hospitalist groups.


● Physical Therapy and Rehab Billing

The changing complexity of billing rules and payer policies makes physical therapy and rehab billing a particularly challenging area.

PT/Rehab services are associated with a number of different CPT codes, each with its own specific rules. Therefore, it is crucial to have a complete and comprehensive knowledge of PT/rehab procedures to minimize the chances of denied or reduced reimbursements.

Metabillers has a long-standing history of successful PT/Rehab billing and can give you peace of mind that we are on the job and working hard on your behalf to have health plans reimburse you promptly and fully for the services you provide.

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● Mental and Behavioral Health Billing

Mental health and behavioral health billing work differently than other types of billing.

Metabillers’ expert billers have the knowledge and the experience to navigate the complexities associated with this area of specialized billing.

We can manage all your needs including credentialing for participation in carve-out plans, eligibility checking including telehealth benefits, prior authorization, and the nuances of billing for therapy services.

We know the codes and we can help you in the best way to bill. We then track claims and follow-up with payers until they pay you for the services rendered.

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ZoomMD Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Software Platform

Metabillers has developed a proprietary medical billing software platform, ZoomMD, that allows practices to fully streamline their billing and administrative tasks.

Combining claims, insurance, billing, clinical records, and much more in one fully integrated platform, ZoomMD allows medical practices to benefit from digital processing and management like never before.

If you would like to find out more about ZoomMD and see how it can transform not only your day-to-day tasks but help boost your reimbursement rates, contact us today — one of our team members will be happy to speak with you.



● Medical Coding

Payers require use of industry-standard coding systems to code procedures, surgeries, and services. These codes represent the patient’s diagnoses and the type and level of procedures/services performed.

The coding methodology is complex and takes years for a coder to learn. When procedures, surgeries, and services require coding services, our Metabillers expert team of professional, certified coders steps in.

They read surgical, procedure, and clinical notes to code services in the most optimal way for accuracy and reimbursement. We are experts at coding for specialty, surgical, and office-based procedures.

Incorrect coding can result in denials of insurance claims and loss of revenue. Correct coding results in quick and full payments to the practice.

patient registration

● Patient Registration & Demographics Entry

Accurate information about the patient, their contact information, and health insurance coverage information is important for further steps in the billing and collections process.

Correct information obtained at the registration step will increase the likelihood of getting reimbursements from payers and patient payments.

We, at Metabillers can help preserve the bandwidth of your staff by entering patient demographics and completing registration of patients in a timely manner.


● Insurance Eligibility Verification

Metabillers’ proprietary software, ZoomMD can automate eligibility verification to ensure that patients have coverage for the services that the practice or facility is providing.

Our team can also do eligibility checking using third-party software. We can do manual eligibility verification for health plans that are not online or not connected electronically through the practice management software.

patient payment

● Patient Payments

Over time, the patients’ share of cost is increasing. This makes it especially important to have a robust process for receiving patient payments.

Metabillers can make this easy. We enter payments made by patients in the office. We keep track of patient balances and bill patients electronically and on paper. We can set up payment methods that make it easy for patients to pay.

Our staff is responsive and available to answer questions from patients and to help them understand their statements.

For patients encountering difficulties, we can negotiate payment plans on behalf of the practice.


● Full Revenue Cycle Management

While Metabillers offers individual services, we provide the best value through our comprehensive revenue cycle management services.

We manage the entire revenue cycle for you so that you can focus on your practice and caring for patients. We start with patient registration, eligibility verification, charge entry, medical coding, and claim submission.

We then follow-through with denial management, and accounts-receivable management. When payments arrive, we post them electronically or manually as required by your practice. We then determine patient balances, do patient billing and collection.

We put it all together in insightful reports and analysis to help you understand your practice and identify opportunities to increase practice revenue and financial success


● Credentialing and Health Plan Enrollment

Health plans conduct verification of physician and healthcare practitioner credentials and background check before enrolling them in their plan.

Credentialing and enrollment are necessary before physicians and healthcare practitioners can bill health plans for services provided to patients. The credentialing process is quite complex and time-consuming. It requires initial submission and follow-up.

Metabillers will fill out applications and submit required documents to health plans and Medicare. We will then follow-up with health plans and provide more information and documentation as required.

We minimize errors and increase efficiency in the credentialing process. Most importantly, we free up your time by taking care of the paperwork and the complexity involved in credentialing


● Medical Transcription

Medical transcription makes physicians and other healthcare providers efficient in documentation of care provided.

Many physicians and healthcare practitioners find it easier to dictate their notes than to type. It is fast and may help save time to see more patients.

Our Metascription transcription service take voice files dictated by the practitioner and converts them to highly accurate text. We format this text into standard notes using customized templates created for each physician or healthcare practitioner according to their preferences.

We can place these notes directly into EHR systems after receiving appropriate authorization. We can place them manually or through an electronic interface. We make documentation easy and efficient.



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