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Increase your reimbursement and profitability

specialists in all aspects of cardiology

efficient, dependable, and error-free

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specialists in all aspects of cardiology

Billing for cardiology medical procedures is complex. It is vital to have a complete understanding of the complexities of billing and coding for this field to produce accurate claims that will be paid. General medical billers are usually not experienced enough to manage these complexities.

Metabillers medical billers and coders are specialists in all aspects of cardiology — office procedures, including office-based laboratory, hospital procedures, interventional cardiology, and nuclear cardiology.

We have the medical billing knowledge and experience needed to efficiently manage all types of cardiology billing.

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efficient, dependable and error-free cardiology billing solution

Billing codes tell the payers what the patient has and what was done. Errors in billing codes can result in denied claims and decreased revenue. Diagnosis codes and procedure codes need to match. Procedure codes are complex. Billers need to choose the correct codes. Then, they must add specific modifiers as needed. Accuracy in all these steps is important for the claims to be paid.

Metabillers offers an efficient, dependable, and error-free cardiology billing solution that maximizes your ability to get reimbursed quickly and fully, for the procedures you have performed. 

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streamline your billing and collections workflow

In addition to removing the billing inefficiencies and errors that lead to lost revenue, Metabillers streamlines your entire billing and collections workflow. Our staff work with your practice to streamline eligibility checks, prior authorizations, documentation, and patient collections. This helps to ensure that you get paid.

By overseeing all billing, coding, collections, and credentialing needs, Metabillers allows your practice to concentrate on what it does best, patient care.


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