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Deep Experience And Expertise in PT, OT, And Speech Therapy Procedures and Codes

Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy billing is complex due to the considerable number of rules, codes, and modifiers. In addition, billing in this area is dependent on specific coverage policies and limitations of payers. There are complex rules related to modifiers, co-treatment by multiple disciplines, and providing multiple procedures on one day, one must know how to bill using the 8-minute rule, services provided by aides and assistants, caps on services, billing by time, and billing for reevaluation.

It is crucial to have complete and comprehensive knowledge of the procedures and codes involved to minimize the chances of reduced or denied reimbursements.

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We Take Care of All Your Billing Needs

With Metabillers as your PT, OT, and speech therapy billing service provider, you gain the services of one of the most experienced billing companies in the rehab field, with a proven record of gaining maximal and prompt payment from insurance companies the first time.

We take care of all your billing needs including eligibility verification, electronic claims transmission, accounts-receivable management, patient billing and collections, and credentialing

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Receive Prompt Payments. Increase Efficiency. Save Time.

With a full understanding of physical therapy billing codes and modifiers, our team works to ensure that payers make prompt payments to you.

Our staff also ensures that the billing and coding systems your practice uses are fully optimized, increasing efficiency and maximizing the amount of time that you and your team can devote to your patients.


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